Our History
The firm was established on 4 November 1976 by Mrs Min Y. Hong together with the following senior partners of Kwan Wong Tan & Fong, which was the largest local accounting firm in Hong Kong prior to its merger with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in 1997-

1) Mr Robert C.Y. Kwan, MA (CANTAB), FCA, JP

2) Mr Tan Man Kou, FCA

3) Mr Kenneth K K Tan, BA, FCA, CPA Singapore

4) Mr Wong Hong Yuen, MA (CANTAB), FCA, JP, CPA Singapore

5) Mr Fong Hup, B.Sc, FCA, CPA Singapore

Following the merger with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, the above partners resigned from the firm on 31 December 2000.

The current partners of the firm are -

1) Mrs Min Y. Hong, FCA, CPA Singapore (Singaporean)

2) Ms Low Kah Buay, B.Acc, CPA Singapore (Singaporean)

3) Ms Jean Heng Poi Cher, B.Acc, CPA Singapore (Singaporean)

4) Ms Tan Siew Fong, B.Acc, CPA Singapore (Singaporean)

Firm's philosophy and client portfolio
The firm is aware that peronal attention, responsiveness and provision of accurate financial information on a timely basis are characteristics which are desired by clients.

The partners and staff of the firm are committed to provide high quality service to our clients and focus on improvement in the quality of employees, their expertise and the services they provide. Every assignment is treated as a personal relationship which combines the benefits of professional knowledge, integrity and an entrepreneurial approach, with an understanding of client's business and an ability to communicate. This ensures the highest quality of professional service tailored to meet the individual needs of all clients whether they be multinational corporations, private limited corporations, private individuals, or charitable organizations.

Our client portfolio includes architects, building contractors, exhibition contractors, lift installation contractors, food caterers, manufacturers and dealers of building materials, semi-conductor products, investment holding companies, management of holiday resorts and subsidiaries of overseas multinationals, etc. Among our clients are a major lift installation company, subsidiaries of a major French holiday resort operator and a subsidiary of a major leading book publisher in the United States of America. We have been recently involved in Sarbanes-Oxley Act reporting in respect of an audit of internal control over financial reporting performed in conjunction with audit of financial statements of our client who is a subsidiary of a listed company in USA.

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Mrs Min Y. Hong

Ms Low Kah Buay

Ms Jean Heng

Ms Tan Siew Fong